My interview with Derrick Belanger for the MY PECULIAR FAMILY anthology is live. You can read it in its entirety below and on his Goodreads blog HERE (if you’d like to see his Sherlock Holmes Anthology update as well as the MPF bits). I hope you enjoy, and I hope you consider contributing to our Kickstarter. Cheers!


1. Tell us a little about your story. What makes it so peculiar?

A: My story is titled “KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENT.” That bit of legalese is a term of art that has fallen out of favor, but used to be put at the beginning of legal documents in order to declare that whatever followed was intended to be openly known. My peculiar family member, Davis A. Willingham, is a real estate speculator from the turn of last century, so he’d be familiar with the line (even if seeing it didn’t give him pause). The title is a bit of a double wink and a nod with regard to the contents of the story. The first subversion is that the story itself is something only being discovered a hundred years later by the readers of My Peculiar Family —there are secrets here that are not widely known. In a plain language interpretation of the title, I also want to hint you might be able to know something about all men by the conduct of the one present in the story.

2. What made you want to participate in My Peculiar Family?

A: I was approached by Christopher Golden about it. He told me about the Sci-Fi Saturday Night podcast and the anthology and it sounded like both a good cause and a fun time. I don’t typically write period pieces, so this sounded like a great opportunity to stretch a little as a writer while also helping out.

3. What are some of your other projects you’d like to tell the readers about?

A: My new novel, STRANDED, is coming out in October 2016 from Tor Books. It’s the story of a ship that gets trapped in the arctic. Icebound and unable to summon help, the crew of the ship find themselves succumbing to a mysterious illness that leaves only a single deckhand, Noah Cabot, unaffected. As their distrust of him grows, Noah must lead the crew in a struggle against the elements, the ghosts of the past, and ultimately themselves. It’s scary and cold and perfect for reading during the Halloween season.

Warner Horizon Television has optioned the adaptation rights to STRANDED, with—and, Derrick, this ought to interest you—Dan Lin, the producer of the 2009 SHERLOCK HOLMES movie, attached to produce along with Brendan Deneen at MacMillan Entertainment.

After that, in early 2017, I have a short story collection titled, THIRTEEN VIEWS OF THE SUICIDE WOODS, coming from ChiZine Publications.

4. Any last thoughts?

A: When I was still a practicing lawyer, my advice to my clients whenever they were asked a question like, “Do you have anything else to add?” was always, “Your answer is ‘no’.” I would, however, like to say thank you for letting me have a minute to talk about My Peculiar Family I loved working on this project and I hope the backers of our Kickstarter enjoy reading it as much.



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