THE MY PECULIAR FAMILY INTERVIEWS: Christopher Golden and James A. Moore

Derrick Belanger is doing a series of author interviews regarding Belanger Books current Kickstarter project, My Peculiar Family (in which I have a story titled, “KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENT”). The first interview in this series is with my friends Christopher Golden and James A. Moore, regarding their collaboration.


[DB:] I thought I’d start this series off with a bang! This post includes an interview with not one but two huge names in the publishing world. Christopher Golden is the co-author of the Cemetery Girl series ( The Pretenders) with Charlaine Harris. He has written multiple fantasy, horror and science fiction novels and graphic novels, and is currently working on [BALTIMORE, a comics series with Mike Mignola].

James A. Moore has written everything from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Dr. Who. He is known for the Subject Seven series and the Chris Corin Chronicles (Possessions). I interviewed these greats via email about their contribution to My Peculiar Family.

1. Your story, “The Geneology of Chastity Willingham Dinsdale,” sets the tone and theme for the anthology My Peculiar Family. Did you realize, when crafting the tale, that it would have such importance for the collection?

Christopher Golden (CG): The interesting thing about the story is that it only came about because we got our wires crossed a bit when communicating with the Dome about the book. He’d given us a photo and a little write up of the history of Chastity Willingham Dinsdale, and we just sort of assumed that “origin” story was the story he wanted us to write. So this story that lays the groundwork for the whole anthology wasn’t supposed to even exist. It was going to be done in a sort of foreword or introduction where he told readers about those events. Instead, we dramatized them. And though it started as a mistake, I definitely think it makes for a better, more textured presentation when readers can go into the other stories having first read hers. Jim and I are very pleased with our accident.

James A. Moore (JM): Chris really covered it all here. It was an accident but it was one that was a lot of fun and a challenge. I don;t normally work under the constraints of someone else’s plot and that is exactly what we THOUGHT was going on. It was a very different way of working but we had fun.

[DB:] 2. This story is co-written by both of you. How did you go about writing the story together?

CG: Collaborating is usually a lot like playing tennis, just batting it back and forth to each other. In this case, we worked a bit differently just based on time constraints. We fleshed out the plot of the story, agreed on what exactly would be in it, and then Jim went off and wrote the first draft. He’s much faster than I am anyway. Like the Flash of horror writing. I came in after him, added some things, revised it to something that sounded a bit more like us together than just him, and also filled in some of the texture of what I thought the Dome was looking for. With Jim doing the heavy lifting, I wanted to make sure I did my part. Though Jim and I have done the more traditional collaboration on other projects together, I think this one really benefited from that division of labor.

JM: The thing about collaboration is you never quite know how it will shape itself. Chris and I have worked together on multiple projects and the one guarantee so far, for me, is that I’m going to enjoy it.

[DB:] 3. What makes the story so peculiar?

CG: The Dome, man. Have you met the guy? Heh heh. His twisted imagination provided the concept for our story. We just wanted to bring his nightmares to life.

JM: What Chris said!

[DB:] 4. This question is for Chris. One of the Kickstarter awards is the Christopher Golden Novella Award where you are offering a signed personalized hardcover copy of your book Father Gaetano’s Puppet Catechism: A Novella. Tell us a little about the book which you co-wrote with Mike Mignola (Hellboy).

CG: This is a hardcover novella published by St. Martin’s Press and I’ve offered ten copies, personalized and signed for the donors who choose that level. Father Gaetano’s Puppet Catechism is set during World War II on the island of Sicily. The Allies have just taken Sicily from the Germans, but in the bombing during that battle, many people were killed, many children left without parents. A church rectory has been turned into an orphanage, and a young new priest has arrived to teach the children. Trouble is, after being made orphans, many of them are having trouble with the idea of a loving God, so Father Gaetano is struggling to find a way to get through to them. He finds an old puppet theater in the basement along with a wooden box full of old puppets. Each day, he repaints and recostumes the puppets to tell Bible stories—Noah’s ark, David and Goliath—but what he doesn’t know is that each night, the puppets BECOME whatever characters they were made to be during that day. Which is fine, and wonderful for the orphans…until the day Father Gaetano tells the story of the fall of Lucifer….

[DB:] 5. What are your current projects?

CG: I’m just wrapping up my new novel ARARAT, a crazy horror thriller that’ll be out early next year, and working on BALTIMORE, the comics series I do with Mike Mignola.

JM: I just finished THE SILENT ARMY, the fourth book in an epic Fantasy series that comes out in May. I’m about to start another series called TIDES OF WAR, and before that happens I need to finish a novel called SPORES. I like to stay busy.

[DB:] 6. Any last thoughts?

CG: Just that I hope folks will support this Kickstarter, My Peculiar Family. Not only do you get a great anthology of weird fiction, you get to support one of the best genre podcasts out there!

JM: Once again, Chris beat me to it!

You can support the Kickstarter project here at My Peculiar Family !


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