Over the recent Fourth of July weekend the wife and I packed up our son and met a couple of friends for a long weekend away in northern New Hampshire up by the Androscoggin River (go ahead and look it up. I’ll wait). The place was lovely and secluded, just like we like it on raucous holidays. But the thing that struck me most was how much it seemed to perfectly represent the setting for my novel MOUNTAIN HOME. I set that book in the Selkirk mountains in northern Idaho after having gone camping there years ago, but it could very easily have been set in the White Mountains of the Granite State.

It wasn’t just the outdoor setting that reflected my book, but the house itself. From the view from the deck (minus the diner, natch), to the interior layout and even the propane tank off by the treeline powering the place. It was an interesting experience to stay there. I have such a fondness for this house, I kind of wish I could go there any time I wanted. I’ll definitely be renting it again.

In the meantime, if you’ve ever wanted to know exactly what Joanie Myer’s house in MOUNTAIN HOME looks like, here are a few pictures. (I’m not going to post any of the inside for the sake of the owner’s privacy, but it was a lovely open floorplan with a large loft and–exactly as I describe in the book–a door under the stairs leading down into the workshop and out to the garage.)

2015-07-04 10.26.13b

If you replace half of the garage with a windowed workshop, you have pretty much exactly how I envisioned this house. Maybe not so much gravel out front.

2015-07-04 10.24.02

The view from the deck. Joanie’s place is up on a mountain, so the view from her place is more dramatic, but this is close to how I imagined it.

2015-07-04 10.23.40

There was a lovely cut-through fireplace along the side of the deck where I imagine Joanie trying to enjoy her evenings.

2015-07-04 10.22.58

The treeline and the propane tank. Naturally, the one at Your Mountain Home Kitchen is larger, but not too much.

2015-07-04 10.23.17

Here’s another of the treeline beside the house. (Kreewatan not pictured.)

2015-07-04 20.04.23

Looking down the rise, the Your Mountain Home Kitchen parking lot would begin right about where you see that far grouping of trees.

In the event you needed or wanted some visual aids to help you set the book, there you have it.


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