White Knight Deserves a Big Audience

Waking up to this review by Derrick Horodyski was a remarkably nice way to start my day today. It comes close to making me feel better about jaking my car yesterday.

Regular Guy Reading Noir


She walked into the office ahead if her boyfriend- the leash visible to everyone but her. …The fading bruises on the woman’s face and arms, the lingering swelling around her eye, and the scabbed lip all said that she was one of mine.- White Knight by Bracken MacLeod


I just read a book that floored me. I mean really sent me for a loop as I thought, “Where the hell did this guy come from?”. Although I have never read anything by him before, I have finally had my eyes opened to the great writing of Bracken MacLeod.

This novella packed one hell of a punch and has left me loopy and seeing stars. It centers on a white knight, a local prosecuting attorney who tries to secure convictions against spousal and child abusers. As this white knight tries to help all those who can’t help themselves, he eventually…

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