I like my Noir dark, thank you very much!

If you like it that way too, you NEED to read Chris Irvin’s new novella, BURN CARDS!

This is not a *cozy.* It’s not even some sanitized approximation of Noir with a lovable scamp of a P.I. on the right side of the law or a recovering alcoholic protagonist who just wants to do the right thing (and will again in the sequel). Chris Irvin just wrote a tale of morally flexible people with dubious intentions finding out the hard way there’s no such thing as rock bottom. There is always further to fall, and the rocks you think are at the bottom just batter and break you on the way down. This is Noir the way it is meant to be! This is your grandfather’s Noir. If you want an angel to be your tour guide through Hell, go read somebody else. Chris Irvin only hires the locals to show you the sights.

I give it an enthusiastic ★★★★★

But don’t take my word for it.

“BURN CARDS is a gritty, gut punch of a novella that rides like a rocket. A vivid postcard from loser town.” — Roger Smith, Author of Man Down, Mixed Blood and Wake Up Dead

With a character you care about and a momentum you can’t avoid, BURN CARDS is aces. This fast-moving novella pulses with enough energy to power all the casinos in Nevada.” — Steve Weddle, Author of Country Hardball

“the shit-kicking streets of a dead end desert town have never been meaner.” — Joe Clifford, author of Lamentation

“This bare-knuckle noir pulses with energy and punches hard.” — William Boyle, author of Gravesend

“Irvin illuminates the city of Reno itself, casting the flickering glow of his sharp observations into every dark corner of the city and bringing forth a rogue’s gallery of gamblers, dreamers, and burnouts who are all heading for the same bitter end.” — John Mantooth, author of The Year of the Storm


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