The Texas Chainsaw Breakfast Club or I Don’t Like Mondays

A little while ago a nasty little story of mine was published in a wonderful magazine called SPLATTERPUNK. Splatterpunk is a DIY zine out of the UK that is edited and hand made by Jack Bantry and is worth every penny (or pence) you spend on it. Because it is laid out, copied, and assembled by hand, each issue, naturally, is available in limited quantities and sells out. Although Splatterpunk issue 6 hasn’t yet sold out (when he was down to the last few copies, Jack did a bit of an expanded run of reprints), I wanted to make sure that this story remains available to everyone who wants to read it. So I’ve put together this “electronic chapbook” (a friend of mine HATES when I call it that). For $0.99 you can read my mashup of survival horror and teen coming-of-age drama. I like to think of it as the bastard love child of Tobe Hooper and John Hughes, hence the title.

But don’t trust me. No really. Don’t trust me. I imagine chaining people in basements for Chrissake!

Jim McLeod (no relation, I swear) at The Ginger Nuts of Horror had this to say about it when it ran in Splatterpunk:

Bracken MacLeod’s The Texas Chainsaw Breakfast Club, or I Don’t Like Mondays is a hilarious homage to those films of the 1980’s where the jock the rebel and high school sweetheart come together to overcome some nasty head teacher or some such thing. Funny and brutal in equal measures this is the standout story for me.

And there’s this from seanofthedead at

“The Texas Chainsaw Breakfast Club, or I Don’t Like Mondays,” by Bracken MacLeod (author of Mountain Home and White Knight), is probably exactly what you think it is. Take the idea of the characters from The Breakfast Club, throw them in a torture dungeon reminiscent of something Leatherface might have if he was well-off and lived in suburbia, and you’re on your way to where this brutal and funny story wants to take you. MacLeod knows his stuff, and he manages to paint vivid pictures of these high-school stereotypes, vivid enough to not make you picture Molly Ringwald and company, and then he destroys them, both emotionally and physically…. This is fun stuff.

And finally Nathan Robinson at Snakebite Reviews:

The Texas Chainsaw Breakfast Club or I Don’t Like Mondays by Bracken MacLeod, whose  Mountain Home I enjoyed immensely last year, is a killer piece that borrows from above said movies giving us a handful of survivors who find themselves in a Saw like situation. The only way to escape their captor is to turn the tables. Witty and nail biting, this is a clear favourite for me.

So, there you have it. What are you waiting for? Oh. A link? Here you go. Click through on Dyer Wilk‘s boss new cover art and get a taste for yourself! But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Texas Chainsaw Newer

The last thing basket case, Leslie, ever wanted to do was waste a Saturday in detention with a jock, a princess, a geek, and a rocker… until she found herself shackled to the floor of a dungeon with all of them instead. Now, if they can’t find a way to put aside their differences and band together, they’ll die together instead. “The Texas Chainsaw Breakfast Club or I Don’t Like Mondays” is Bracken MacLeod’s love letter to both the survival horror and teen coming-of-age dramas of the 70s and 80s.

Five strangers with nothing in common, except their chains.

Scare ya later, boils and ghouls!



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