The Compleat Collector’s Guide to My Worthless Chapbooks

I love making chapbooks. My mother, an artist and occasional bookmaker, showed me how to hand sew my own chapbooks and I’ve been pretty obsessed with it for a while now. Having a modicum of self-taught proficiency with Photoshop and a later printer, I’ve given limited life to a few stories that I either thought didn’t get a fair shake the first time around, or are special enough to me, I wanted to make a keepsake edition for my friends.

Sadly, none of these are available any more. I promised to make limited print runs and I’m sticking to it. Having said that, I’m already thinking about the next one I want to do. Making these little projects probably means more to me than actually having one. But whatever.

So here you go. Here’s the Compleat Collector’s Guide to My Worthless Chapbooks.

1. Conscience of a Camera. First printed in The Siren’s Call e-zine in 2012. Hand sewn with red Irish waxed linen bookbinding thread and cover printed on 60 pound red cardstock. This was my first attempt and I had to do the covers twice because the first run had a typo on the back cover copy. As they say, measure twice, cut once, or more aptly for this circumstance, read five times, print once, sew books, find typo, dismantle books, read four more times, reprint, sew books. Drink. Limited to 20 signed copies. Sold for $5. SOLD OUT.


2. Lydia Loses Her Car. First published in 2012 in The Anthology: Year One, this is one of my favorite stories and I wanted to make something special out of it. It ended up being essentially a value added bonus if you chose to buy Mountain Home direct from me instead of online in 2013. Hand sewn with natural colored waxed linen thread and printed on opalescent 80 pound cardstock. Limited to 40 signed copies. Sold for $5 or combined with Mountain Home for $20. SOLD OUT.


3. Can I Whisper It? First published in an electronic chapbook titled Winter Animals: Stories to Benefit along with three of my writing partners in December of 2013. I made this as a keepsake of another of my favorite stories for close friends to have for the holidays. Hand sewn with red waxed linen thread and cover printed on sparkly 80 pound cardstock. Unlike the previous two books, the cover illustration for Can I Whisper It? was done by the remarkable Joe Dellagatta. Limited to 24 signed copies (for the 24 days in December leading up to Christmas). All author proceeds of the e-edition of this were (and are still) donated to PROTECT.ORGThe print edition of this was presented to family and friends as a gift only and was never available for purchase. NONE LEFT.


4. City Living: The Epilogue to Mountain Home. Although it appears in the German language edition from Festa Verlag, the English language edition of Mountain Home does not include my original epilogue. I’ve printed some out as a gift to a few people who have asked to see the intended end of the book. The title design is based on the original elements from the novel done by the awesome folks at Small Dog Design (the shell casing on this is one I found in my pocket one day after going target shooting with a friend.) These are printed on 80 pound cardstock and stapled. Signed, but so far unlimited (I’ve only made about a dozen or so). I may add these as a value-added companion to Mountain Home copies purchased directly from me. Haven’t made up my mind yet. I’m running low of my own print copies of the novel.


That’s it, so far. There will be more to come. I’m still enjoying making these.


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