Do Some Damage: Police, torture, and crime fiction

This is a very thoughtful and though-provoking post by Brian Lindenmuth over at Do Some Damage. Check it.

A couple of days ago our very own Jay Stringer asked where now for procedural writers in the wake of Fergsuon?

My response, in short, is: nothing. What happened in Ferguson will have no meaningful impact on the police procedural genre. If only because this kind of thing happens all the time.

For years I’ve argued that the police procedural genre is primarily a fantastical one because it is so divorced from reality. On TV we regularly see things that don’t or can’t happen in real life like: a suspect breaking in 30 seconds; using a missing persons cell phone data to determine a location without having to get a warrant; taking a door; rarely showing the process of obtaining a warrant to take said door; suspects, specifically affluent ones never lawyering up; making The Promise and then delivering on it in 42 mins.

These examples arguably are more benign (and focus heavily on TV shows since it is mostly taken from the linked post). There are other, far more serious, realities of policing that aren’t presented.

Read the rest at Do Some Damage: Police, torture, and crime fiction. No, really. Go read the whole damn thing!


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