Social Media and the Writer: Guest Blog from Bracken MacLeod

Talented poet and friend, Timothy Flynn, asked me to do a guest spot on his blog about the importance of social media for writers. How could I say no?

Timothy P. Flynn

It’s good to be back! Welcome to my blog with a new look and design for 2014.

During my studies online at SNHU, I always attempt to utilize the writing career as a focus no matter what class I am presently in. This term I am taking Social Media, so the goal for me is to relate the importance of the social media platform for the modern writer.

What better way to accomplish this goal then to have a guest blog from local  writer, Bracken MacLeod. I first met Bracken at Necon a few years back, when at that time I had sold my first poem and he had a few short stories under his belt. Fast forward to today, I have three poems published while Bracken has quite a few stories out there,  a heavily praised first novel- Mountain Home- and more works forthcoming. I would listen to the…

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