WINTER ANIMALS: Stories to benefit PROTECT (part two) – Errick A. Nunnally

Last week we debuted Christopher Irvin’s opening salvo in our Winter Animals operation to support PROTECT.ORG.1 This week, it is ERRICK A. NUNNALLY‘s turn to impress you. And impress you he will. Although his talents2 are far-ranging and encompass gripping horror and suspense writing, Errick is the authoritative voice of Sci Fi/Fantasy in the Mad Dogs writers group. His insight into magic, futurism, and the supernatural is both keen and original and keeps all of us Mad Dogs on our toes. But don’t just take my word for it. Read his story, RECOVERY, and see for yourself why Spence City Press snapped up his debut novel, BLOOD FOR THE SUN before they even finished reading the manuscript.

It has been my privilege to be a part of a writing group for a few years now. Its members have changed a bit over the years, but our current roster of superlative writers is Christopher Irvin, Bracken MacLeod, and K.L. Pereira. thanks to Chris’ slight obsession with holiday-themed fiction, we’re collaborating on a collection of which sales will benefit PROTECT, a pro-child, anti-crime lobby whose sole focus is making the protection of children a top political and policy priority. Throughout the month of December, each of us will post a story free on our blog which will ultimately become part of an e-book collection available for purchase. The book will feature artwork by Joe DellaGata with foreword by Thomas Pluck and Ron Earl Phillips helping to make it all possible. 100% of the proceeds will go to benefit PROTECT, so please support our project and we hope you enjoy the stories!

Without further delay, my contribution:


by Errick A. Nunnally

Noel was uncertain of his place on the recovery team. They slogged on across the dark tundra, unable to see more than a twenty meters or so in front of them. That Noel was at the back of the four-man formation made already uncertain matters worse for him. If anything happened—when it happened, he’d be the last to see. It was just another in a long line of concerns that rattled his body with a shiver. The hunt had been miserable from the start: bitter cold, a thunderous sleigh ride and the sizzling moodiness from the other three team members directed almost exclusively at Noel’s ignorance.

The others were well-suited to their tasks, whether on the hunt or not, but Noel was different in this regard. He struggled to fit into a culture of natural-born tinkerers and fixers. People born with a strong sense of duty and purpose, the weight of the world’s happiness on their shoulders.




1 Again, none of us are officially affiliated with PROTECT; this is an independently organized effort to benefit them because we strongly believe in what they do. Consequently, we hope that you’ll A) enjoy the stories we’ve written for you, and B) agree that this cause is worthy of your later support when we offer the e-book edition for your Kindle. Of course, we always encourage you to give directly to PROTECT as well.

2Errick is also a skilled graphic designer by trade and is responsible for the layout of the Winter Animals cover that you see above.


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