Ray Garton Needs your Help

Some day we won’t have to have a bake sale every time someone in this country poorer than a Rockefeller gets sick, but sadly, that’s not our reality right now. So here we are again, asking for your help.

Legendary horror novelist (and all around cool guy) Ray Garton has a squamous cell carcinoma-in-situ in his throat–i.e., a precancerous lesion in its final stage just before becoming invasive. He needs surgery to have it removed before it advances and becomes something much worse (that needs no explanation). Like most writers, Ray isn’t rolling in cash and his insurance will cover little of this procedure. BUT the good news is his needs at this moment are modest. If you can throw him a couple of bucks, you’ll be helping a great guy and a great writer. IMO, enough horror legends have fallen in 2013. Let’s kick the year in the ass and show it the door by helping Ray get the help he needs early.

If you can’t afford to give anything (and times ARE tough, folks), reblogging this so someone else might be able to donate would be wonderful as well.

You can contribute HERE. Thank you for reading this far.

Ray Garton


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