Craft BREW

Bill Braddock’s BREW is a note-perfect survival horror novel that starts with a keening air horn wail like a call to prayer in Hell and steamrolls on for the next three hundred pages without mercy. This is how it is done. Braddock displays a generous sense of humor (his titular brew is locally known as “Cougar piss”) and gives a clear nod to influences like Edward Lee, Jack Ketchum, and film-maker, Stuart Gordon. But don’t dismiss this book as fratboy gross-out without substance. Braddock draws from Cormac McCarthy’s playbook as well when he delves deep into the memory of his well-drawn characters to give the reader emotional resonance to keep the horror alive well into the last act. Don’t believe me?

“One spring midnight, Demetrius awoke to one of these floods passing in the darkness outside, thundering and roaring like the end of the world. The following morning, he stood at the edge of the creek and stared at the changes wrought by the passing waters. Streamside trees were snapped to stumps beneath palpable vacancies where once had towered oaks and sycamores of great size and incalculable age. Below these, further change in the creek itself, where disgorged stones, massive and monolithic, canted at strange angles like pagan gods of tribes long vanished, pediment now only to muddy banks laid raw, where pendulous roots hung half-revealed, like the emboweled secrets of the world.”

That is the real deal, right there, my friends!

Braddock writes with immediacy, unflinching honesty, and heart enough for the end of the world. Don’t underestimate BREW because it’s a book about beer that drives people crazy. This isn’t just some flavorless, cheap swill; this is craft BREW, rich and made with the finest ingredients. Be warned though. It ain’t lite. You better be ready for something that will knock you on your ass.


~ by poǝןɔɐɯ uǝʞɔɐɹq on 25/09/2013.

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