Reloaded (Both Barrels) (Volume 2): REVIEW

Although published under the new aegis of One Eye Press, RELOADED (BOTH BARRELS VOL. 2) contains all the quality you’ve come to expect from SHOTGUN HONEY. The antho starts unexpectedly with a quiet story by Patti Abbott (“A White Funeral”) that bristles like a getaway driver waiting for a holdup crew late to come bursting out of the bank. Once the car is rolling, however, hang on and don’t expect the tires to stop smoking and screeching until the end of the ride. “How to Clean a Gun” by Joe Clifford, “Buffalo Squeeze” by Ed Kurtz, and “Trinity” by Richard Thomas are all powerhouse stories that live up to the reputation of their authors. But you’ll be robbing yourself if you give up after skipping around to the sure thing scores. “Rollin’ Mona and the Tijauana Slide” by Garnett Elliott, “What goes Around” by Terence Butler, “A Blow to the Head” by Rob W. Hart are just three of the stories that hit me hard enough on the chin to make me see stars. This antho is as solid as a tip from an inside man!

Oh, and yeah, I have a piece in it. But don’t think that’s influencing my opinion of the rest of the work in between these beautiful covers by Joseph DellaGatta. Whether or not you like what I tried to do here, the rest of this book is fantastic!

Reloaded (Both Barrels) (Volume 2): Ron Earl Phillips, Christopher L Irvin, Jen Conley, Dan O’Shea: 9780615875514: Books.


~ by poǝןɔɐɯ uǝʞɔɐɹq on 22/09/2013.

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