I’m not installing it, suckas!

Lovely! My Digital Shackle Transport Adapter has arrived. Unable to find a way to block local free broadcast channels from traveling through the wires (subsidized by the local municipalities, I might add), Comcast will start scrambling the channels I pay to receive instead.


2013-09-17 14.18.17

Of course, if I want to keep watching the channels I pay to receive in HD on my television, I’ll have to do this (http://customer.comcast.com/help-and-support/cable-tv/connecting-digital-adapter-to-hdtv/) as well, since the ball and chain DTA box will only decode SD channels.

Can one imagine how bad it would be if Comcast XFINITY® weren’t a monopoly I mean the only game in town I mean an inveterate predatory fuckstain on the corpse of competitive enterprise I mean so generous as to let me have this box for free for the next two years before they start charging me a fee to unscramble what I already FUCKING PAY FOR!

Oh yeah. As an added bonus, I get to add another remote to my collection. SQUEE!


~ by poǝןɔɐɯ uǝʞɔɐɹq on 17/09/2013.

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