Two New MOUNTAIN HOME Reviews!

First out of the gate is a review posted yesterday at OUT OF THE GUTTER by Chris Leek (a solid writer himself with whom I share a table of contents in One Eye Press’ Reloaded: Both Barrels, Vol. 2). Here’s a taste:

MOUNTAIN HOME really grabs hold and refuses to let go. The story hooks you early with an explosion of violence and keeps your attention with its well worked plot and fast pacing. But it’s the characters that really drive this novel. Under siege and under pressure the tension between the protagonists is palpable. Strong, well written female leads are a rare find and Bracken MacLeod has produced two in Lyn and Joanie that are right out of the top draw.

Read the entire review RIGHT HERE.


And then, today comes this gem from one of my aspirational magazines (I haven’t cracked their nut yet, but I will, oh yes, I will crack that nut!), SHOCK TOTEM. Read what John Boden has to say and find out for yourself if I am an insensitive cad who can’t even wait a day before making jokes about the dead!

MOUNTAIN HOME is a tale of gritty, nerve-racking action. An indie blockbuster movie that plays on your brain. The characters who carry it upon their bleeding backs are some of the most real and deftly portrayed I have read in some time. The story is smooth and entirely believable. There are twists and surprises but nothing so jarring as to fuck up the groove, the amazing dance he sets us to.

Read the whole SHOCK TOTEM review here.

Shock Totem


Add to that, today I had a conversation with a person who said she couldn’t finish my book because of the violence, bringing that grand total up to three. But at least she tried. Overall, I couldn’t be happier.


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