RELOADED: BOTH BARRELS Vol. 2 is out and will you look at that cover! This one’s available right away in both paperback and e-book, with gorgeous front and back cover art from Joe DellaGatta.If you want Joe’s beautiful back cover art (pictured below), you’ll want the print edition. The Shotgun Honey winking at you from the spine of the book on your shelf can only class the place up, I guarantee.

Let me tell you that working with the editors, Ron Earl Phillips, Christopher Irvin, and Jen Conley, was a real blast. They’re professional, fun, and best of all, are uncompromising when it comes to quality. What you see is EXACTLY what you get here: hard-hitting, high-octane, quality crime fiction.


SHOTGUN HONEY, the premier crime and noir flash fiction website, is locked and RELOADED with 25 new stories by some of the best authors in the world. Featuring work from Patti Abbott, Hector Acosta, Erik Arneson, Cheri Ause, Trey R. Barker, Eric Beetner, Terence Butler, Joe Clifford, Garnett Elliott, Rob W. Hart, Andy Henion, John Kenyon, Nick Kolakowski, Ed Kurtz, Frank Larnerd, Chris Leek, Mike Loniewski, Bracken MacLeod, Julia Madeleine, Brian Panowich, Terry Rietta, Rie Sheridan Rose, Ryan Sayles, Richard Thomas and John Weagly.

Available through Amazon.



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