THE HORROR FICTION REVIEW: September, 2013 Reviews

A great review of MOUNTAIN HOME from Nick Cato. ^_^



MOUNTAIN HOME by Bracken MacLeod (2013 Books of the Dead Press / 134 pp / tp)

Joanie Myer is a retired veteran who served her country in Afghanistan and Iraq. She’s a master sniper and just wants to live the rest of her life in peace at her isolated Idaho home. But someone else doesn’t want her there and builds a diner right across the street in an attempt to drive her away.

But unfortunately for him, Joanie doesn’t budge.

MOUNTAIN HOME is a siege/revenge thriller that gets in your face before the second page ends and never lets up. MacLeod slowly reveals what makes Joanie tick, and the suspense level is nearly non-stop.

Among the people Joanie has trapped, waitress Lyn goes from quiet worker to taking over the situation while somehow managing to help others in the process. We like her from the moment we meet her and cheer her on every second afterwards.

MacLeod’s debut novel is a quick, well-crafted tale that reads as if it were written by a seasoned vet (full pun intended). Joanie Myer would surely give John Rambo much to worry about.

Great Stuff Here.

-Nick Cato

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