Christopher L. Irvin, one of the co-editors over at SHOTGUN HONEY, has some very nice things to say on his personal review site about several books this week, including On the Lips of Children by my colleague at Books of the Dead Press, Mark Matthews.

Matthews delivers some terrifying moments in ON THE LIPS OF CHILDREN. The novel sucked me in from the first page, continuing to ratchet the suspense on the way to a satisfying conclusion. The scenes inside the tunnels were especially well developed. For horror fans who like their fiction gritty and intense – Matthews does not disappoint.


He also has very nice words for Jerks and Other Tales from a Perfect Man by my good friend, John McIlveen.

McIlveen is a master of absurd comedy. From the first page of Jerks (featuring a woman and her… dog of sorts), to Saddled Vengeance (a wild western that will make you itch) and How To Make Sure Your Dream House Is Not Haunted, McIlveen had me laughing out loud. Highly recommended for someone in need of a bizarre/quirky tale or two to brighten their day.

Read all of the reviews, including another for Kealan Patrick Burke’s novella, THE TENT, at HOUSE LEAGUE FICTION.


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