Craig Ferguson Why everything sucks

As an oldish person, I want to endorse this fully. And as a criticism of youth “culture” as it is marketed and sold I think he is absolutely 100% spot fucking on. As a present thinker and a formerly young person, I think he’s missing the appeal of youth which is the ability to see the world and potential without the veil of “experience” telling you, “Nope. That can’t be done. Try it the safe way.” Youth is great because not knowing anything means you get to try to figure it out, do it for the first time, and maybe do it in a completely new way. Then again, most of the time, it just sucks because you’re reinventing the wheel and crushing the shit out of your fingers while you do it. I honestly wish for a world where young and old people talked to each other and, more importantly, LISTENED to each other and shared perspectives other than the one in which young people get sold stupidity as an aspiration and old people get sold the idea that they must remain young at any cost, but only in the way they already did it.

The thing that Ferguson gets 100% unequivocally right is that this is being sold to us. Someone is getting rich by manipulating how we view youth and age. And you know what? It’s not for our benefit. Not even a little bit. It seems to me that once you can monetize an attitude or an outlook, we ought to look for a completely new outlook because this one isn’t going to take us anywhere we want to go anymore. You can’t life your life based on a product pitch.



~ by poǝןɔɐɯ uǝʞɔɐɹq on 13/08/2013.

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