Necon: the Questions | Meghan Arcuri

Last weekend I went to my favorite writers’ convention, Necon. I’ve been dying to blog about it (once my liver stops hurting), but Meghan Arcuri kind of nailed it. This was her second, my third, but the principles are the same, so I’ll let her give you the basic rundown.

Necon: the Questions | Meghan Arcuri


What is Necon?

Necon is the Northeastern Writers’ Conference, coordinated by the Booth family. Also known as Camp Necon, it is attended by authors and fans of (primarily) horror and dark fiction.

It is less formal than many other conferences, providing a mellow atmosphere in which authors and fans can comfortably mingle, while attending panels, eating, talking shop, and, of course, drinking.

In my opinion, the attendees are some of the funniest, kindest, and most supportive people around. Everyone checks their egos at the door, so that even the big-time authors are approachable and fun. Even though this was only my second time attending, I feel like I am part of a warm and wonderful family.

You must read the whole thing here: Necon: the Questions | Meghan Arcuri. No, really. Go read it and then come back. I’ll wait.

And to prove that I was actually there, here are a couple of pictures.

Necon: the Questions | Meghan Arcuri

 Normally, if I’m trying to identify myself in a picture, I write, “I’m the big guy.” Nope. Not next to James A. Moore and Christopher Golden.


Necon: the Questions | Meghan Arcuri

I have a tiny little shred of legitimacy that inspires people to put me on panels (even if they don’t always tell me until the last minute).


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