The Night Max Wore His Wolf Suit

I love this post from Mark Matthews regarding his novel, On the Lips of Children. I don’t always like to know the story of where the story comes from (that way I can interpret a novel based on my direct experience with it instead of being told how to see), but I think this bit of explanation adds a whole wonderful subtext to the book that deepens its impact.

“I only have one subject. The question I am obsessed with is: How do children survive?” Maurice Sendak, author of “Where the Wild Things Are”

Deep question from an amazing man. My own answer to this question is in my novel, “On the Lips of Children.”

I consider my novel a near adult retelling of “Where the Wild Things Are.” The dark is a little darker, the rumpus is a little wilder, the dinner may not still be hot when you return home, but I was fully guided by the book which made a psychological imprint on my psyche as a child.

It is certainly one of my favorites, and once my own children came of age I dutifully read the book and had them memorize the first few pages. I would say out loud; “THE NIGHT MAX WORE HIS WOLF SUIT” and my daughter would follow with “AND MADE MISCHIEF OF ONE KIND AND ANOTHER.” She would look at the monsters on the page during the wild rumpus and name off relatives who looked like them in real life.

The story speaks to all of us, but particularly boys dealing with primitive urges of aggression and anger and the need to channel the wildness to make it acceptable. Like Max, we all need to find the magic within us to become the wild emotions ruler. The reward for this is finding the love we need, just like Max who wants the comfort of his mother….

Read the whole fantastic article here: Running, Writing, and Chasing The Dragon: The Night Max Wore His Wolf Suit: “WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE”.

And buy Mark’s book here: $3.99 On Amazon for Kindle. Paperback Coming Soon


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