John F.D. Taff Interviews Author Justin Robinson. Yes, He Makes a Boogie Nights Reference

Writer and all-around awesome guy, John F.D. Taff, has posted a cool interview with Justin Robinson over here about Justin’s new book, EVERYMAN. If you’re into body-horror, you really need to give this wild, weird book a shot. He gets it. But don’t just take it from me. Listen to the author describe what he’s doing.

Q. The Doppleganger and the Gestalt Entity featured in Everyman are two wildly original ideas in horror, and they bring a depth and underpinning to the book not often seen in horror novels. Where did they come from?

A. The Doppelganger came out of that initial thought. I was still sort of in the headspace of The Dollmaker, which was my first true horror novel, and that was about a guy who basically through a combination of insanity and genius, gives himself superpowers. So when I wrote Everyman, I had that idea rattling around there. So once I decided that I was going to write about the Doppelganger from his perspective, I started to think about what kind of combination of traits would enable someone to take this power from the universe.

The problem was, I didn’t have a book. I had this sociopath running around stealing lives. Where does he go? Who’s trying to stop him? I was already wrestling with the idea of his chapters being repetitive, and that was something I had to fight.

I started to consider his victims. What happens to them? Thematically, you have a character (the Doppelganger) who can become anyone, but the irony is, there’s nothing underneath. Ian Covey is a void. So I took someone with something in there, and then started mashing them together, over and over. So to counterbalance the idea of someone who can look like anyone, but inside is no one, I created the Gestalt Entity, which looked like no one, but inside is everyone.

Read the whole interview over here: John F.D. Taff, Horror Author | For You, I’d Bleed Myself Dry…

And you can buy EVERYMAN at Amazon or Smashwords (for you Nook book readers).


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