BOOKS of the DEAD PRESS: Mountain Home: Preview

Things in the Boston area have been weird and stressful in the last several weeks and I haven’t felt much like blogging (although my blogging inhibitions clearly predate major news events by months, so my own inertia is mostly to blame), but yesterday my publisher, Books of the Dead Press, unveiled the cover to my novel, MOUNTAIN HOME. I am so happy with them and what they’ve done so far that I can barely see straight. Seriously. They nailed this one right out of the part and past Lansdowne! I owe huge thanks to both BOTDP and the designers over at Small Dog Design. Such amazing work!

See? RIGHT!?

But you cannot judge a book solely by its cover, as they say, so here are some of the early reviews. =D Again, color me over the moon!

“Bracken MacLeod’s MOUNTAIN HOME hits like a Claymore mine and cuts with the emotional precision of a scalpel. Ferocious and tender, painful and real, it shows that the worst horrors are those we create ourselves, and that this world offers no shelter from evil, not even for the innocent. A powerful and thoughtful first novel.” ~ Chet Williamson, International Horror Guild Award winning author of Soulstorm

“Bracken MacLeod’s MOUNTAIN HOME is a superb page-turner that deserves such merit. What makes the story so compelling is MacLeod’s willingness to cast aside cliches and stereotypes, his meticulous attention to facts and details, and his unflinchingly honest characters. His writing is layered with moments of elegant, heart-wrenching prose and pure diesel-fueled suspense, creating a novel that, quite simply, I couldn’t put down until I finished the last page. It’s THAT good.” ~ Peter N. Dudar, author of A Requiem for Dead Flies

“In MOUNTAIN HOME, Bracken MacLeod finds the horrors and fears that are in the human heart and rips them out for all to see. When you start this book make no plans for the rest of the night – and don’t expect to get any sleep. Hardboiled terror with an wonderfully eerie touch.” ~ John French, author of Paradise Denied

“Bracken MacLeod brings heart and muscle to this taut siege thriller.” ~ Nicholas Kaufmann, Shirley Jackson Award-nominated author of Chasing the Dragon

“Bracken MacLeod’s debut novel MOUNTAIN HOME opens with a shot and never looks back. It’s a great character study of people locked in a small space facing death. MacLeod is able to keep the tension taut throughout, and the story barrels towards a bloody ending. I’m interested to see what MacLeod has up his sleeve next.” ~ John F.D Taff, Author of Little Deaths

And finally, the synopsis:

Lynnea Lowry works as a waitress in a lonely roadside diner trying to save enough money to escape a life of inertia. When retired combat veteran, Joanie Myer, stages a violent assault on the restaurant seeking to obliterate the last obstacle between her and a dreamed-of peace, Lyn’s isolated world is set in desperate motion. But surviving a sniper’s bullets may only be the beginning of her struggle, as she is forced to confront her own perhaps literal demons as well. Navigating hostilities from within and without, she steps up as the disputed leader of a diverse group of people at odds with her and each other. Lyn is about to learn what it means to be faced with the choice to either stand up for herself or lie down permanently.

I definitely feel like I am living in a dream right now!

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