No Rest for the Wicked: Rick Hautala

Another one of my heroes falls. I only met him a couple of times, but each time I did he was incredibly warm and friendly.

Good night, Rick.

[Rick Hautala] joked constantly that he was the “Eeyore of Horror” (Connie and I were at breakfast with him at WHC in Atlanta in 1995 when he gave himself that nickname). “Just another book,” he drawled in his Eeyore voice. “Not that it matters.” But as constantly as he ruminated about his professional life, worrying about whether his books *did* matter, that never impacted the way he greeted us all. Rick was a guy who didn’t just have your back, he wanted to have your back. He was built for loyalty. Nobody ever enjoyed a good time with friends more than he did, drinking a beer and smoking a stogie, singing along to the songs of his youth at Necon, or raving about politics at the various Vicious Circle dinners that he and I often shared with friends in our area.

Read the rest of Christopher Golden’s moving tribute to Rick here:

No Rest for the Wicked: Rick Hautala

No Rest for the Wicked: Rick Hautala.


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