One of my first short story sales was to a fledgling little magazine titled, The Siren’s Call. The editors there were very enthusiastic and very nice to work with, but because they were still ironing out some of the kinks with distribution of the mag (which are all sorted now), my story didn’t get the legs I’d hoped at the time it went live. Well, (more than) a year later I decided to see if this little orphan piece of mine might not find a second life on the Kindle. So, here’s my very first experiment with a self-pubbed reprint.

Thus, presented for your consideration is my short terror tale,  Conscience of a Camera.

 Conscience of a Camera

 Geoffrey watches others live their lives in movies and on the surveillance system in the slowly dying video store where he works. The night comes, however, when allowing the television to mediate reality is no longer an option and he must turn away from the screen…

…if he wants to survive.

So, if your Kindle is feeling lonely today, you could always swing by Amazon and grab my lost baby. It’ll totally be like getting an eye-hug from your e-reader.


~ by poǝןɔɐɯ uǝʞɔɐɹq on 02/03/2013.

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