Wait. What? I have a blog? Shit!

I’ve been away for a little while trying my best to be both a writer and a father. While I am succeeding at both, I am clearly failing at being a blogger and marketer. Let’s try to remedy that. If there is any excuse for my extended absence (and excuses are like arseholes), it is that I’ve been spread a little thin lately. Between a fantastic vacation on Lake Ontario, and attending late year cons like Rock and Shock and most recently AnthoCon 2012, I don’t know if I can still recognize what my own house looks like. Oh yeah, it’s the one filled with action figures, books, and semi-full booze bottles. Living the dream!

Speaking of living the dream, I have a couple of things out in paper now that I am incredibly proud of (both should follow in e-book form sometime soon, I promise). Feast your glassies on the horrorshow fruits of my labor, my droogies.

Right out of the gate is The Alchemy Press Book of Pulp Heroes anthology featuring my story, “Ivy’s Secret Origin.” The funny bit about this piece is that I had resolved myself to the story not having a home because it was too severe for the sci-fi/superhero audience, and it was too sci-fi/superhero for a horror audience. So, ever one to second guess myself, I retooled the story to tone down the violence and play up the superhero element. As soon as I was finished, I sent the OLD version in to Peter Coleborn and Mike Chinn at The Alchemy Press. And they loved it! That’ll teach me to second guess myself AND what a reader wants. The heart wants what the heart wants (and it occasionally subverts one’s vain attempts to have broader appeal). In any event, I am so happy and grateful to have a space next to some really great writers in this book, including Peter Atkins, Mike Resnick, and William Miekle, to name only a few.

And, as if that wasn’t enough, my story, “Lydia Loses Her Car” premiered just this past weekend at AnthoCon 2012 in the aptly named Anthology: Year One (Volume 1). While I don’t have a funny little tale about how my subconscious subverted my attempts at self-sabotage, I am very proud of this story and happy to have it appear next to work by writers I respect and admire like K. Allen Wood, Stacey Longo, and Andrew Wolter. The cover art, by my good friend, Danny Evarts, also makes my heart beat a little faster (thus aggravating my borderline blood pressure).

Right? Right? See what I’m talking about?

The fact that these two stories are spiritual sisters in my mind makes me even happier that they are out in quick succession to one another. If you put them next to my piece, “Leave Here Alone,” free over at Every Day Fiction, I feel like they make a nice little triptych.

It has been an exciting couple of months around Casa de MacLeod and to quote John Donne, “When thou hast done, thou hast not done, for I have more.” I’ll have a couple of more stories in books coming soon from Go Deeper Press (Dec. 2012) and Chaosium Press (second quarter 2013), as well as a piece of pure horror nastiness in the upcoming issue of Grave Demand Magazine published by my friend, Vincent Daemon (check him out).

I feel like I’m on fire. Nobody better put me out!

Coming later this week: I’ll be following up on a gauntlet thrown by Professional Firecracker, Mandy DeGeit. If you haven’t been reading her stuff, you’re missing out. She’s the real deal. So, until next time (later this week, I PROMISE), boils and ghouls.  Don’t forget, winter is coming. Be naughty so you can get some coal in your stocking to burn for warmth!


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