Jonathan Maberry Part the Seconde

Part two of my in depth interview with Jonathan Maberry is up now at Beyond the Margins.

BRACKEN MacLEOD:    Speaking of the writing process, you recently posted a picture on your Facebook feed of a small token object you bought as a source of inspiration for an upcoming project, mentioning that you do this for all of your books. I love this ritual. It reminds me of actors who say that putting on a costume or make up is half of creating a character. How did you begin collecting these totems? How does it affect your writing to be able to hold something talismanic in your hand?

JONATHAN MABERRY: I’m insanely and irrationally superstitious.  Always have been. I could probably shake it if I tried, but I enjoy it…so what the hell.

These superstitions didn’t become connected to my writing career, though, until my son, Sam, gave me a pendant of the Hindu god Ganehsa.  He’s the patron god of writers and the remover of obstacles.  Am I Hindu?  No. But the day after I got the pendant my agent sold my first three novels.  I wear it every damn day.  I have Ganesha statues all around my writing desk.

Then a few years later I was at a Fangoria Horror Convention in New Jersey and bought a cool statue of The Wolf Man.  The next day I got an unsolicited and out-of-the-blue call from a vice-president at Universal Pictures who wanted to hire me to write the novelization of the remake of the Wolfman.

BRACKEN MacLEOD: Serendipity?

JONATHAN MABERRY: Sure, probably just a coincidence.  But…

Now, every time I start a project I buy a little item for my desk.  I have action figures for every character I’ve put into one of my scripts for Marvel Comics.  I have vampires, robots, gun replicas, and all sorts of things; each is tied to some project or other.  Most recently I bought a rather gorgeous Steampunk pistol because I am attached to a project that is an alt-history supernatural Steampunk western.  I also bought a movie clapper because we’re now in talks about some of my film properties.

There may be absolutely nothing to any of this, but I really don’t care. My office is a shrine to pop culture weirdness, and that suits me just fine.  And my career has been doing very nicely ever since I started collecting…

You can read the rest of his engaging insights here.


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  1. more brilliance !

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