Part One of my interview with Jonathan Maberry

The first half of my interview with horror author, Jonathan Maberry is live over at Beyond The Margins. He went way above and beyond answering tough (or at least rambling) questions, and I’m very proud of this piece.

BRACKEN MacLEOD:    Thank you, Jonathan, for agreeing to talk to me about your work. Your latest novel, Dead of Night, is a stand-alone zombie tale following other books you’ve written dealing with similar subject matter (e.g., Rot and Ruin, Dust and Decay, Patient Zero). Clearly, you love the hungry dead in a profound way that keeps you coming back. What is it about the zombie that is so compelling to you?

JONATHAN MABERRY: Because zombies don’t have a personality they don’t intrude into the story except to pose a threat.  That allows the writer to concentrate on the human characters and their experiences during a crisis. This is the core of drama. We don’t write novels about happy people having a good day. We write about people whose lives are warped and distorted by some large events.  That event could be a big football game, a first kiss, a murder, the quest to find a magic ring, or a global pandemic.  A crisis tends to strip away the affected elements of our personality –the false fronts—and reveal who we are.

Zombie also lend themselves to metaphor, which allows for us to tell all kinds of stories while giving us a simplistic monster we can easily understand. There’s not much of a learning curve, which means we can get right into the heart of the tale.

And…zombies are so tragic. They were once real people. Often people we knew, which is heartbreaking.

Read the rest of Part One here. Part Two will be up in two weeks.


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  1. brilliant. !

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