The Color of Night

The Color of Night (Vintage Contemporaries)The Color of Night by Madison Smartt Bell
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

Based on the other reviews here, I kept plugging away at this book waiting for the story to get better, but it bored me nearly to death. I disliked the main character, Mae, so strongly that I *wanted* to read about her abuse, but just kept feeling disappointed as every bad that happened to her was glossed over so we could get to the next scene of her walking in the desert doing nothing. The parallel story about Mae’s lost love was as thin as bible paper and just as easy to see through. The Greek myth conceptual metaphor was poorly realized (read Donna Tartt’s The Secret History to see how that’s really done), and tying it to Manson and his band of empty-headed hippies is laughably cliched. Other reviews mention that they were put off by the extreme violence in the book. Perhaps I’m jaded, but the violence was as flat and lacking consequence as Mae’s strolls in the desert. Everything I like about nihilistic po-mo literature is missing here.

The author bills this as his best work, so it’s a pretty sure thing I’ll never pick up something by him again.

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