Welcome back, welcome back, wellllcooome baaaack.

Back in 2006–or as I like to call it, aught six–I reserved this spot intending to move a prior blog (which shall not be named) over here and then immediately forgot about it.  In the intervening years, I decided that I preferred microblogging (Facebook mostly) to actual blogging and eventually let the other site starve to death. Flash forward to the present and my discovery of this zombie site I created.

Gabe KaplanGiven that I’ve had a couple of short stories published this year and am making a concerted effort to get more of my work out there while I network with professionals in the business and not make an ass out of myself, it seems like a decent thing to start up the self-promotion-mill again.  The problem is I’m an opinionated person (which is to say that I hold a series of reasoned positions on controversial subjects that challenge others’ unquestioning belief structures) and I don’t like to self-censor. This is potentially alienating to readers who might otherwise like what I have to offer artistically (e.g., Frank Miller, Dan Simmons) but disagree with a left-wing atheist. Additionally, I’m still not convinced that I have a uniformity of message or a large enough “following”1 to bother going back to long form bloviating, but here’s this page and here I am. So, watch this space for me opining on everything from politics to religion to writing and the lint in my navel. I am going to honestly try to keep this as close to the subject of writing and story telling as possible. I am, however, A) a negligible literary figure and thus can only speak with so much authority on the subject, and B) easily distracted and fickle.  I promise to try to do my best2 to do the following three things: 1) I will try to update this blog once a week; 2) I will try to be even handed when dealing with certain sensitive topics (CAVEAT: there will be topics about which I cannot be wrong and even-handedness is simply not an option); and 3) I’ll do my best to be more interesting than this post you’ve been reading.

In any event, thanks for reading. Cheers!




1 I am not arrogant enough to believe that I actually have any sort of following, to be honest. Although I do have a few friends who apparently like to read my logorrhea.
2Which is really no promise at all.


~ by poǝןɔɐɯ uǝʞɔɐɹq on 11/12/2011.

2 Responses to “Welcome back, welcome back, wellllcooome baaaack.”

  1. Whether right or wrong your musings always bring a smile to my face!

  2. What do you mean “wrong”?

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